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Alcohol And Pregnancy

Using Alcohol When Expectant

At no other time addiction is so dangerous as in pregnancy because relapse can result in congenital health problems in the baby.

The health of the child in the womb can be permanently damaged when the mother is indulging in alcohol. The liver of the unborn inside the mother's womb is unable to fully process alcohol just an adult's. In the UK, it is found out that the leading cause of birth defects and other developmental disabilities is substance abuse of the mother. Some doctors say there is a tolerable amount that the mother can ingest while pregnant while others advise abstinence from it. It is however, important that these women should not drink in order not to risk their children.

Alcohol intake during pregnancy affects the child who is developing.

These would have been very possible except the fact that some of these expectant mothers are already addicted to alcohol. Women who are dealing with addiction need to seek immediate help once they find out that they are pregnant.

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What You Need To Know About Foetal Alcohol Syndrome

Foetal alcohol syndrome is a medical situation that attack babies in the womb who were exposed to alcohol, causing them to develop temper, mind and sadness problems. It's not very easy to tell how alcohol affects the child in the womb since each mother and her baby are different.

According to doctors, Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) is referred to as any medical challenge encountered by the unborn baby as a result of alcohol intake. Some cases of FASD are severe while some are not.

A number of FASD signs are as follows:

  • Atypically small head
  • Cardiac and spinal related defects
  • Being extremely short
  • B.M.I being so low than normal
  • Mental retardation
  • Vision and hearing defects
  • Behavioural issues
  • Slow and even delayed physiological development
  • Internal organ and bone issues

Pregnancy And Alcoholism

Alcohol can create a dangerous effect on the baby; this is why medical professionals do not encourage alcohol abuse during pregnancy. Serious cases of Foetal Alcohol Syndrome are directly attributed to alcohol intake during pregnancy.

Those women that take part in spree drinking mostly drink an average of 4 bottles within 2 hours which increases the alcohol levels in their blood. Babies who are exposed to alcohol while in the womb of the abusing mother is predisposed to develop dangerous birth defects or disorders even during maturity.

Data suggests that 1 percent of women drink and 0.5 percent of women indulge in binge drinking during pregnancy.

Percentages Of Pregnant Women Drinking

If a pregnant woman is struggling with alcohol dependency it is likely that her condition is not disclosing her true situation. We should always handle with care any matters to do with alcohol over dependency and pregnancy. Kindness and love is required in treating expectant mothers who are equally alcohol abusers.

You can help them get the assistance they need to overcome this condition. We can also help you reach out to some of the rehab centres and professional experts that will help you overcome the addiction call us on 0800 246 1509.