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Relapse A Normal Occurrence During Recovery Visit Leicestershire In Alcohol Rehab Leicestershire

The Truth Of Relapse As A Normal Part Of Recovery Call Alcohol Rehab Leicestershire

A relapse is considered as a normal part of recovery and this matter can be substantiated to some extent.

Many people who finally get to be sober will have gone through several unsuccessful attempts before this. They might even suggest that it was what ultimately gave them the strength to get clean for good and that they have learned a lot from these failures. There aren't any advantages of being too hard on yourself if you experience relapse to substance abuse after a certain time without drugs or alcohol. In situations like these, it will prove beneficial to view relapse as a normal part of recovery by turning their attention to gaining their sobriety at the earliest. So, relapse is in a certain way a normal part of recovery, but it also isn't in another way.

Relapse Is Not A Needed Element Of Recovery In Alcohol Rehab Leicestershire

Though we could consider relapse to be a normal occurrence in the recovery process it is not to be taken as a compulsory or necessary step in recovery.

There are a lot of people who managed to recover from their addiction without the need of regular relapse - some managed to gain lasting sobriety with their first try.

The ideal situation is that people return to sobriety without ever relapsing. This enables you to get back to living your normal life without any more problems. There are also many dangers that come with a relapse that will be avoided by those who manage to stay sober with their first try.

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Hazards Of Relapse Within Alcohol Rehab Leicestershire

People normally get into a risk when they return to their addiction.

  • The hazards of relapse are:
  • When a person goes back to drug or alcohol abuse it is highly likely that they may never be able to quit and many actually never get to
  • The right circumstances usually have to be there for the individual to be willing to get rid of their addiction and these circumstances might never recur
  • The disease pattern of addiction shows that this health issue can keep progressing even when a person is sober and that is why it is usually defined as a progressive condition
  • This can lead to a situation where going back to addiction could result in worse outcomes than the individual was previously
  • After people have experienced the freedom of recovery, it can make the misery of addiction more obvious
  • The individual could respond to their improved awareness of the suffering by deciding to increase their intake of alcohol or drugs in order to escape from the pain
  • A lot of suffering because of this addiction was probably experienced by the loved ones of the addict as well
  • The suffering maybe that much greater when the person relapses
  • Substance abuse is extremely damaging to the mind and body, and some of the damages caused can be irreversible. [Eg. alcohol dementia and liver cirrhosis]
  • Irreversible harm to the body organs of addicts is a very real possibility
  • Relapse means a delay in the better life awaiting the addict
  • It is a lot easier to stop with substance abuse earlier in life, even though people can get clean at any time in their lives
  • Another problem brought about by relapse is the lowering of self efficacy which is believing in your own ability to do something
  • When self-efficacy is at its lowest, it can be difficult for people to break free from their addiction because they will be anticipating failure again
  • Some addicts might even spend many years of their lives going in and out of treatment, which is known as the revolving door syndrome
  • It can be a highly unsatisfying way to live as well as being a drain on resources

Normal As Justification For Relapse In Alcohol Rehab Leicestershire

Individuals who begin to believe that relapse is a normal part of recovery are also likely to use this description to justify their return to addiction.

Users have a severely damaging ability to clarify their actions using inaccurate reasoning. A characteristic of their problem is that they will relapse therefore, they may believe that it is fine to return to substance abuse. In some cases the patient will even justify relapse as a necessary part of recovery that will give them a stronger push to achieving sobriety. They may also start to believe that they haven't yet hit rock bottom and that they need to continue using until they do. What they do not realize is the dangers of such thinking as going deeper into addiction could lead to insanity or even death. The fact that relapse is a regular part of recovery isn't an excuse for addicts to return to their addiction.

Preventing A Relapse Within Alcohol Rehab Leicestershire

When people decide to give up on their addiction, they must also do everything possible in order to prevent a relapse back into addiction.

  • To ensure you stay sober, you should try to:
  • Begin by getting a good understanding of relapse along with its causes and work to safeguard themselves from slipping into it
  • The common relapse triggers like hunger, loneliness, anger and tiredness need to be in the knowledge of individuals (these can be remembered using the acronym HALT)
  • Make sobriety the most important thing in their lives
  • The individual is at a high risk of relapse when they begin to take things within their lives for granted and are no longer interested in doing the things that have been keeping them sober
  • During the first year of recovery it is advised that individuals refrain from making any big life decisions since they already have plenty on their plate
  • Having too much pressure in life will overwhelm the addict and they are likely to resort to addiction as a means of escaping life stresses
  • Quitting drugs and alcohol is a commendable start but there is more needed to achieve a life that is addiction free
  • The individual needs to remember that recovery is a process and not an event, and therefore, they will be required to work harder before they can be considered as fully recovered
  • Grateful people in recovery will fight hard to keep it
  • The individual can take help from tools such a gratitude journal that has the ability to remind them of all they have to lose if they ever returned to addiction
  • Many people are reminded constantly why they have to stay clean if they are a part of recovery group since they can get encouragement that way
  • People following a recovery program may also find that this greatly is beneficial for their life
  • Therapy sessions can give an individual an opportunity to explore the reasons why they fell into addiction in the first place
  • You will be less likely to fall back into addiction if you have a better understanding of the issues behind it

How To Deal With A Relapse Within Alcohol Rehab Leicestershire

While a relapse can never be taken lightly, there is nothing to be gained from beating up yourself too much. However, it really shouldn't be considered the end.

  • You can still get back on the path to recovery if you:
  • Going back to recovery as fast as someone can is extremely important
  • Any delays caused because of various reasons will only make it harder for them to make a beginning again
  • People who go into relapse and immediately feel regret are considered to have had a slip
  • Should they be able to stop after this one time slip, they will have managed to avoid going to full relapse
  • A good sign that people have gone sideways in their journey is the fact that they have had a relapse or slip
  • This requires one to understand how they ended up going off course
  • Those that don't learn from their mistakes are likely to make them again, it's a common saying
  • People need to do something to prevent relapse happening again, not only to understand the reasons behind the relapse
  • A common reason why people relapse is because they usually insist on doing things their way without considering any of the options that are provided
  • The best attitude during recovery is to have a beginner's mind and show the willingness needed to consider anything that can benefit sobriety
  • It will be necessary for the individual to redouble their efforts after a relapse
  • If the person goes back to the status quo of how they operated before relapse they are likely to make the same mistakes again
  • Another reason which has been noted for why people relapse after a period of sobriety is because they have become ambivalent towards their recovery. They still held onto the belief that they could enjoy the substance abuse again maybe for a brief period
  • Accepting that you will have to abstain from that substance for the rest of your life is important if you are to enjoy the benefits of the treatment you've received